What's so special about photo blankets? ... Everything.

Throw blanket with photo of couple

In a world of digital photography, vast photo storage options and instant access to our photos, it can be easy to forget why we take pictures in the first place. Photos record and remind us of special moments. They are also a form of tribute to the things that we love and the things that shape our lives.

Once Upon a Photo...

There was a time, when it took a long time to take a single photo and several days to develop that photo. The anticipation of waiting for your photos to "develop" is something that seems absurd in todays world – But it meant so much to finally get your photos and look through them with friends and family. Finding your favorite photo was definitely a lot easier then looking through 25  shots of the same subject on your phone (with slightly different angles and poses). THAT photo was the one you "blew up" as they used to say, and printed on a larger medium such as prints, posters, and eventually more modern surfaces such as canvases, mugs and a slew of other personalized products. These photos were special because they symbolized something important and seemed to magically create happiness when viewed.

The rise of personalized products

Not having to wait for photos to develop, having the ability to take endless photos, having easy and intuitive editing tools that turn a novice into a photoshop master editor gave rise to online personalized products. If you have 5,669 photos on your phone, how could you possible find THAT photo? Well, somehow we still do and it seems to be some intuitive ability that we all have. We just know when that photo is THAT photo.

So, since we're not "blowing up" our photos as much anymore, or creating cute scrapbooks and photo albums, there is still a need to honor and pay tribute to our memories through photos – but how does one do that with those 5,669 photos on a tiny mobile device? Perhaps sharing your photos to social media and diving into a virtual photo-appreciating community has sort of become the new way to do this - but we are still missing something, aren't we? - Tangibility.

Make photos real

Many companies today offer physical personalized photo products you can upload your photo on and print. From canvases, to mugs, to socks, and unique surfaces such as metal or wood prints, there are so many ways you can celebrate your photos whether for yourself or as a gift to someone else. Personalized products sometimes offer collage options where you can upload many photos to a single product. Remember those multi-photo frames at grandma's house that she had since the 1970s?

You might be at the point where you're wondering, "OK, so where are we going with this?" While, many personalized products do a great job turning digital photos into a real and physical item, there are specific products that have a very special ability. Yes! we're at the part where we talk about blankets.

Blankets are versatile, Blankets are tangible, Blankets are everything.

A photo canvas may look great on your wall, a photo mug make look great in your cabinet, but a blanket you can hold. A blanket you can embrace. A blanket can keep you warm. A blanket can be there to comfort you. A blanket you can share.

Add the photo aspect and a blanket becomes a super hero of personalized products. Imagine, for so many years, photos have recorded our memories and have been a thing we simply look at. Now, our memories are something we can interact with. A photo blanket can turn a photo into a memory you can touch. A photo blanket can turn a photo into a larger than life experience. A photo blanket can turn a memory into something that you and a loved one can cuddle up with. 

Woman cuddling with photo blanket of pet dog
This is why photo blankets at ThatBlanket were carefully tested and tweaked until a high quality material merged with state-of-the-art printing to make sure both aspects of the photo blanket would create a valuable and meaningful experience. 

We don't skimp on the quality of either of those things. The photo blankets use high quality materials that are easy to care for, resists fading and print with unmatched print quality. Your photos deserve to be honored, and part of that honor involves interacting and physically embracing it. 

Photo blankets are everything because they represent everything about us. You may choose to display your photo blanket as a decor accent throw, or keep it stored away for a more private and intimate experience. This is what makes photo blankets a versatile product. It can be always visible or it can be hidden. It can be used as a gift or it can be used to keep you warm.