Tips for Creating a Photo Blanket

Giving a personalized blanket to someone you love is the perfect way to wrap them in your warm thoughts and love, no matter where they are. They are meaningful, perfect for cuddling, and a long-term testament to what you value the most. You may have some questions about the use of a picture blanket and whether or not you should give one as a gift. Yet, there are some outstanding reasons for doing so.

Photo blanket of dog

Choosing the Right Photo or Design

A good place to start is with the right photo or design. You can select from a range of options and customize them with the photos of your choice. Photo gifts like this may be perfect for a wide range of needs, whether a couple photo, artwork from the kids, family photos, or pet photos. There's no limit to what you can create here beyond the photos you have available.

What Blanket Size Should I Choose?

You have options when choosing a photo blanket, including:

So many Blankets

Which one should you choose? Photo affections on blankets can be done in any size that you like. The smallest size tends to be a good option for a one-person blanket that will surely wrap around them. If you want something larger for a bed, consider the largest size available. That’s going to give them far more room to wrap up in and snuggle with someone close.

Should I Choose a Single Photo or a Collage Blanket?

If you have just one image you want to display, then a single photo blanket could be a viable option. Other times, you may want to choose a collage blanket. These are great for those with high-resolution images, but they can also be a good option for those situations where the photos have a lower resolution because the print is smaller. It's always best to use high-resolution photos in the JPG format for the best results.

Choosing Between Fleece or Premium Sherpa Blanket

Our 30" x 40" and 60" x 80" blankets are available in a soft fleece material. The 50" x 60" blankets are also available in that soft fleece, but you may also want to consider the Premium Sherpa material for this one. There’s no doubt the sherpa will be a much warmer option, but it is still very breathable. If you want to give a more luxurious, comfortable gift, go with the Premium Sherpa Blanket.

Are There Any Pre-Made Designs I Can Choose From?

You can choose from a wide range of pre-made designs or collages in our collection. This is one of the best ways to find just what you need. For example, check out our top photo gifts. You’ll see various layouts and styles of blankets to select from that you can then customize to fit your specific goals. We encourage you to choose personalized blankets that really help your message come through or just allow for the sharing of the perfect photos.

Do you have questions about getting a photo blanket made? Read more in our FAQs or reach out to us today for the help you need.