Reasons to get a mini photo blanket

It's true... We like big photos and we cannot lie. Our custom photo blanket process and team are excellent at printing your photos large with incredible quality.

Custom Photo Blanket of Dog head

We offer a standard fleece and sherpa 50x60" blanket which is great for personal use or covering the top of a queen size bed. We offer a fleece 60x80" which can be shared and large enough to cover the top of a king size bed. We also offer a fleece 30x40" mini blanket which is just about the size of a standard towel, but make no mistake, these mini blankets are no wet blanket. 

Mini Blankets are still considered large size printing by most standards. When you see your photo printed on a 30x40" mini photo blanket, you're going to absolutely love it. 

Mini photo blankets are great for:

Home Decor: Our mini photo blankets are an excellent size for throwing over the couch or draping off the side as a home decor accent.

Kids Rooms: Mini photo blankets are the perfect size for topping a kid's bed with their favorite people, characters, and other interest. These blankets will not only keep them warm, but make them smile.

Pets: If you have pets, you know they can run through their blankets and bedding pretty quickly. Mini photo blankets are great for adding to their space to cuddle up with.

Gifts: Printing a special photo on something someone can touch and embrace is always a winner. If you're buying a gift for someone who doesn't have a lot of space or just want to give a fun gift that is affordable, then a custom mini photo blanket is the perfect gift.