Personalized Blankets for Your Pets

For our furry friends and their parents as well, personalized photo blankets are great for getting cozy with an image you love. Our blanket material is super soft, warm and breathable, which means pets will love the flexibility to cuddle up under this blanket in any season.

Bulldog with personalized photo blanket


Ordering photo blankets for your pet

Whether you have a dog, cat or other furry friend, you and your pet will love the comfort a blanket from ThatBlanket provides. Pets may or may not care so much for the design or photo you choose, but they will definitely dig the softness, warmth and security the blanket will give them. You can use their blankets as a throw over the couch or other area so they will identify that as their spot. You can also take the photo blanket to the beach or park since they are 100% machine washable and easy to clean. The blankets are also durable and should last your pet a long time.

Their are many options to choose from, such as the mini blanket which is 30x40" and great for smaller pets, the 50x60" which is larger and better suited for larger pets and comes in either fleece or sherpa.

Woman with personalized cat photo  blanketDog on beach with photo blanketCat cuddling with personalized sherpa photo blanket

Ordering a photo blanket gift for pet owners

Pet owners who love their fur babies will greatly appreciate a gift for their pet. This is a sure-win gift idea that will benefit both pet and their pet parents. Our pet heads blanket is a great idea to consider as an option for yourself or as a gift for any pet owner. Simply upload a photo of their pet and we will turn it into a beautiful repeating pattern of their cute face! If they have more than one pet you can try our 2x Pet Heads blanket

Ordering a photo blanket online couldn't be easier. Our easy to use and super fast interface allows for single or multiple photo uploads depending on the product. We also show you a preview of your blanket as you are creating it. Don't waste time guessing what your blanket will look like, order a personalized photo blanket with us today!