Get ultra cozy under the A/C with your personal photo blanket

Beat the heat, but don't freeze either.

Summer is approaching, and the heat is on! It's time to get creative with ways to stay cool and comfortable. One of the best ways to beat the heat is with an air conditioner and a cozy photo blanket. 

Summer meme
Blast the A/C and stay comfortable.

A photo blanket is a versatile product that combines the functionality of a cozy item with your favorite photos. Our lightweight fleece blanket material will keep you warm under cold conditions, but it is also light enough that you won't be miserable and sweaty when the weather is warmer. So, crank up that A/C and snuggle up under your personalized photo blanket. Seriously, it might be hot out, but who sleeps without any blankets?

Blankets are a form of self-care

Benefits of a Fleece Photo Blanket:

  • Personalization: With a fleece photo blanket you can choose any photo.
  • Lightweight: Lightweight doesn't mean cheap! Our materials are designed to maximize comfort and warmth, without feeling like you are in a sauna.
  • Affordable: Our Fleece photo blanket has a competitive price in the market. We also offer a less expensive Fleece Mini Blanket

How to Choose the Right Photo for your blanket:

When choosing a fleece photo blanket, be sure to choose the right size for your room or person. We offer 60x80"50x60 and 30x40". The 60x80" (XL) is great for sharing or covering the top of a King sized bed. The 50x60" is great for personal use and will cover the top of a Queen sized bed. The 30x40" is great for decorating, covering up the kiddos or small pets.