Decorating baby rooms with photo blankets.

We simply love photo blankets. They are such a versatile product that can be used by anyone at any time and in any place. Customizing your photo blankets adds a personal touch and uniqueness. This is why we love photo blankets for decorating rooms, especially baby rooms.

Nursery Decor Ideas

For baby rooms, you can print a photo of a design that matches the room decor. Choose a 50x60" blanket to cover a large area or the Fleece Mini 30x40" blanket to cover a crib bed.

Here are some blanket designs that you may be interested in for your baby's nursery room:

Baby's First Year

This is a popular blanket for celebrating a baby's first year. Place your baby on the blanket with a prop of your choice, pointing to their age in months. Take a photo every month, and you have a backdrop to show their growth in the first year of their life.


That's My Name Blanket

This is a simple and easy-to-customize blanket that prints your child's name in a repeating pattern. The best part is that you can completely customize the color of the blanket to match the theme of your baby's room.

Fleece Mini Blanket

As mentioned earlier, the mini fleece is a 30x40" blanket that would cover most cribs and bassinets. It can also be used to wrap up babies when they are cold or hang up on their walls as a tapestry design.


Gustavo Bold Blanket

This blanket comes in a 50x60" size with sherpa lining. The beauty of this blanket is the simplicity of adding any photo and personalizing it with the baby's name or any other detail you may choose.



Caring for your baby's blanket

Babies are super adorable, but they can also be super messy. Which is why it makes sense why a lot of people ask us how to clean and take care of their personalized photo blankets.

Luckily, our photo blankets are very easy to take care of. Simply wash your blanket with cold water on a low setting with mild detergent. You may also spot-clean as an alternative, but be sure to test a small area of the blanket first. You may also throw your photo blanket in the dryer on a low-tumble setting.