Blanket tales - Blanket Survives Vegas

Blanket Tales
Season 1, Episode 2 - Personalized Blanket in Vegas

[ Door Slam! ]
Parker: "I'm home from vacation everyone! Where is my kitty Skittles, and my main bird, Albert? How are you guys doing?!" Wait wait wait, oh no! I left my personalized blanket in Vegas, I'm calling the hotel right now."

Folded Blanket on bed

[ Ring, Ring ]
Front desk: "Hello, Vegas Hotel Services, how may I help you?"

Parker: "Um, yes please, I have an emergency, I was staying at your hotel and left my personalized blanket behind, please assist me!"

Front desk"Of course, but frankly I wouldn’t call this an emergency…"

Parker: "THIS IS AN EMERGENCY! Get me a manager!"

Front Desk: "OK, please calm down, I will assist you. Please provide the details and we will text you a full report with the whereabouts of your personalized blanket from our state-of-the-art AI powered security cameras. Could you describe this blanket for me?"

Parker: "Ok thank you. My soft, comfy and cuddly blanket has a stunning photo of the Vegas landscape and it is beautiful in every way."

Vegas Landscape Blanket


Front Desk: Got it, we will have our Surveillance AI send you a text message shortly.

[ Phone Vibrating ] 

Parker: "YES!, looks like they located my blanket... Let's see, seems like some sort of log?"

Casino AI Blanket Surveillance Report:

1AM, Maroon 5 is using the blanket as a cover when leaving the concert hall to try and not call attention to themselves.

7AM, Showgirls sleeping on blanket by the pool, their supple skin enjoying the velvety texture.

10AM, Housekeeping found the blanket in a room and needed to clean up the suntan lotion, sweat and mimosas from the blanket. The blanket was easy to wash and dry in our machines without losing any quality.

12PM, Blanket was stolen from the dryer by a guest who drunkenly wandered into the laundry room.

1PM, Blanket was found tossed on the poker table for “good luck”, Ante up!

3PM, Blanket found covering a broken slot machine, Whoops, thats not a slot machine. We apologize, the AI is still learning and nakedness is not allowed on the casino floor!

5PM, Random pilot was found using the blanket to nap before a long flight home. We were able to catch up with him via radio and he has agreed to drop blanket off to the owner. Luckily, we caught him in time as he was planning to keep the blanket as a gift for his poodle Glen or his lady Doris... or Tuttle his turtle.

[ Ding Dong ]

Parker: "FedEx is here!!!, Phew my personalized photo blanket is finally home. I definitely need to order a back up, Come here my sweet thing, you won’t be leaving my side again for a long time…. See you on my next trip!"


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