Blanket Tales - Blanket is there for you

Blanket Tales
Season 1, Episode 1 - Blanket is there

Oh how a photo blanket fulfills your needs, while others may not.

Your day begins wrapped in the soft billowy cocoon of a blanket, when you hear the incessant ringing of your phone alarm. And when this does not stop, you fling your phone at the ceiling, which thankfully then falls on a nice, inviting, fluffy blanket. Yay! no phone damage. Thank goodness Blanket is there to save the morning! Suddenly Albert, your parrot, squawks in the corner, "Don’t you need to go to work?" As you get up to get ready, you glaze longingly at Blanket and think, It’s OK; there will be lots of caresses when I get home.

At 6PM, you rush home to reunite with Blanket, and as you both dive on to the couch together, you think "Life is good!"

Ding dong! Your Doordash is here, but drats!, you forgot to tell them to leave the food at the door. "Ugh!" no problem, Blanket is there to cover your bits as you answer the door and munch down on a $28 slice of cheesecake.

Ding Dong! This time it’s your companion, where clothing is optional, but it's OK because Blanket never minds doing double duty, if necessary.

Since your couch is your eating place of choice, you cuddle up with your companion, Blanket, but of course Skittles the cat, and Albert the parrot joins the Frey. Thank goodness Blanket is there to keep all claws away from any important areas! Everyone gets cozy for some Netflix and Blanket, or Hulu, or HBOMax or Prime or... you get the point.

After your companion leaves, which is too early for your liking, you realize you will get over it because Blanket will be yours alone and won't nag. As you fondle your blanket in bed, you gaze at the photo that you printed on it and think to yourself... "What an incredible Vegas trip that was!" It's time to make reservations to go again, and this time Blanket will be there for the experience.

Blanket of Las Vegas Trip with Friends

Well, stay tuned for Blankets' next adventure in Vegas...
Blanket Stories #310
What Happens Under the Blanket, Stays Under the Blanket!